Welcome to my website !!!

As for my menu .. if you look up at the top of any page you will see a menu (in the black area) of my products sorted by category (again, I hope.)  On my home page there is a search and another menu of categories to the right.  I will be correcting any broken links and missing pictures as I find them.

Prices are my number one priority ..Most product have a “SKU” number.  That would be the product on eBay.  You can then decide whether you would rather buy it on eBay or save money by buying it here, on my website.

Broken links and missing pictures are my second and third priorities. When I have fixed all of those I will be working towards adding my hallmark database, a blog and a “discuss” area  and a mailing list. Seems like a lot to do but I am miles ahead of where I was last month.


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